My approach is to work with you in achieving your wellness. First, you will need to fill a consultation form as it is important for me to know your medical history. This includes the medication you take, contraindications and what has led to your pain/discomfort or numbness/tingling you may be experiencing.

Your massage will take place in my warm, comfortable cabin next to my home. Soft music will play in the background to help you relax and unwind.

The average full body massage session lasts approximately one hour. A half hour appointment only allows time for a partial massage session, such as back, neck, head or chosen troubled area. Many people prefer 60-90min session for optimal relaxation.

At the end of your treatment, some people may experience freedom from long term aches and pains developed from tension and repetitive activity. Furthermore, since toxins are released from your body during a massage it is highly recommended you drink plenty of water following your treatment.

Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Facials (Vegan)

Eve Taylor OBE and the International Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy bringing you a product of rare purity and supreme value

Eve Taylor London has stood behind its values for over five decades. We understand how hard it is to find a skincare brand that suits your skin as well as your ethical values. Eve Taylor London has been a family-run, UK business for more than 50 years; our values are part of our fabric and always will be.

We believe in high-quality products at affordable prices, because everybody deserves beautiful skin. The gentlest yet most effective ingredients are chosen, and never use artificial colours, fragrances or anything else that could irritate your skin.

We don’t believe in animal testing – our products are tested only on willing humans. Most of our range is vegan-friendly.

Our essential oils are all sourced from nature, so it’s important to us that we help protect the world around us for generations to come. That’s why we aim to be as sustainable as possible and use recyclable packaging.

• Good for skin ingredients We select and use quality ingredients derived from nature and science for skin that’s naturally beautiful and glowing.

• Proudly British All our skincare is researched, developed and manufactured in the UK.

• 100% natural essential oils sustainably sourced Only the highest-quality, sustainably sourced essential oils are used in our products.

• Animal-friendly We never have and never will test on animals – only on willing human beings.

• Environmentally Friendly Our packaging is recyclable.


Using Eve Taylor Skin Analysis, we determine the right facial products for your skin type and lifestyle, resulting in a luxurious prescriptive facial designed specifically for you.

For me it’s not just about offering Vegetarian or Vegan-friendly products, I also choose quality products that contain no parabens, formaldehyde, petrochemicals or phthalates; as well as being cruelty-free.

For example, a handful of Eve Taylor skin and body care products contain beeswax or honey, but this can be easily avoided without affecting the facial.


A prescriptive facial tailored to your current skin condition to achieve the best skin possible. Aromatherapy products are selected to deeply cleanse, gently exfoliate and prepare the skin ready to absorb aromatic massage oils and luxurious facial masques. Skin is left replenished, hydrated and protected. (approx. 45 mins).


Taking skin care one step further this treatment uses intensive exfoliates to resurface the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Using potent aromatic essential oil blends, speciality masques customized to achieve intensive results, this treatment will leave your skin glowing. (approx. 1 hour).


While the mask is on, you have the choice if you which… Foot Massage/Hand and arm massage.

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Hot and Cold Stone Therapy

30min - £35.00 * 60min - £45.00 * 90min - £55.00

Cold stones, used alone in the body is a powerful decongestant, pushing blood, fluid and waste out of overworked, chronically tense or inflamed tissues In co-operation with heated stones, chilled stones create a dramatic movement of fluids within the body, generating a healing, cleansing and nourishing effect due to the alternate constriction and dilation of blood vessels. The alternation between hot and cold stones can provide a therapeutic balance.

Some of the benefits from hot and cold stone therapy:

* Disperse congestion
* Alleviate swelling
* Interrupt muscle spasms
* Stimulate the autonomic nervous system
* Increased metabolism
* Invigorates

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45min - £35

Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist, developed a system of reflex areas in the late 1930's. Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands, which correspond to all the glands, organs and other parts of the body. When these techniques are applied to a specific reflex area, it will prompt a change in the corresponding area of the body. The pressure at the reflex area generates a signal which travels through the nervous system before it is processed by the brain. Messages from the brain are then sent to the corresponding areas of the body. Many different conditions can be treated with reflexology, including, skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, fractures and sprains, high blood pressure, constipation, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), food allergies, asthma, hat fever, cystitis to name but a few!

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Pregnancy Massage

60min - £43.00 * 90min - £53.00

Nurturing Massage for "Mother-to-Be" is a 75-minute therapeutic treatment designed to rest and relax mum. Massage during pregnancy adds to the enjoyment of the birth experience, bringing relief from aches, pains and stiffness as well as giving emotional support and reassurance. The Mother-to-Be deserves the best possible care during her pregnancy. Here at Ultimate Therapies, I specialise in the provision of the finest Aromatherapy massage and treatments to take you through those long months with the minimum discomfort and the maximum sense of well-being. I personally tailor your treatments to give you the best massage and skin care treatments. I am a professionally qualified clinical Aroma therapist using only organic oils.

Aromatherapy massage during pregnancy will help in many ways:

* Improve circulation - reduce swollen hands and feet
* Lessen the effects of morning sickness
* Minimise back pains
*Reduce the likelihood of stretch-marks
* Relieves symptoms of insomnia & fatigue
* Boosts your immune system - therefore protecting you & your baby's health
Helps to re-balance hormonal disturbances which can play havoc with your skin & hair.

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Ear Candling

30min - £25.00
45Min - £35.00 (Includes face, neck and shoulder massage to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.)


The ear candling complementary therapy has become increasingly popular in the last twenty years, although it is rooted in antiquity, having been practised in one form or another, for hundreds if not thousands of years. The candles work on the chimney principle, gently drawing ‘general impurities’ towards the surface where they may be gently removed. Their use equalises the pressure within the head and ears consequently, they are suitable for many conditions The entry of warm/hot herbal enriched smoke vapour within the outer ear canal which leads to the entire ear and surrounding structures being warmed with changes in pressure when combined and reinforced by the face and neck massage will form an overall holistic treatment. When taken together they will:

* Sooth irritated areas (ingredients)
* Stimulate peripheral blood circulation (massage and heat)
* Strengthen the immune system (ingredients)
* Strengthen the work of the lymphatic system (massage and heat)
* Stimulate energy points on the external ear (position of the candle, heat and massage)


Each ear candle is an all-natural product, measuring about 20cm long, with a burning length of about 14cm. Even today they are prepared according to a traditional formula and are carefully handcrafted. Each candle is cylindrical with a hollow centre and is constructed of organically grown flax, honey extracts, beeswax and powdered biologically grown therapeutic herbs, including Camomile, Sage and Hypericum (St John’s Wort) as has been used for many years. Please feel free to call and discuss.

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Deep Tissue Massage

30min - £33.00 * 60min - £43.00 * 90min - £53.00

What is deep-tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is a technique generally used on those suffering from chronic aches, pains and tension. A deep tissue massage can be an effective form of treatment for an extensive number of conditions including muscle tension and spasms and whiplash.

Compared with a Holistic or Aromatherapy massage, the speed of a deep tissue massage is usually slower and the pressure is greater and more focused on the areas of concern. This allows for the inner layers of muscles and connective tissue to be worked upon and for rigid and scar tissue to be broken down. A combination of fingertips, palms, knuckles, forearms and elbows is used in order to break down adhesion, depending on the desired effect.

Some of the other benefits include:

* Improved mood

* Lower blood pressure

* Increased levels of relaxation

* Increased blood flow

* Reduction in inflammation

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